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Under the GDPR, a Subprocessor is any business or contractor customer data may pass through as a side effect of using Xano's service.
Current as of: March 30, 2022
Welcome to Xano's Subprocessor repository page where we maintain a current list of Sub-processors authorized to process customer data for Xano's services. Xano imposes data protection terms with Subprocessors regarding their security controls and applicable regulations for the protection of personal data.
The Data Subprocessors in which Xano utilizes can be categorized into two categories:

Core Infrastructure Data Subprocessors

These data Subprocessors apply to all customers who utilize the Xano platform and are agnostic of product utilization.


Google, LLC. - Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Entity Type: Cloud Service Provider / Infrastructure
  • Service Location: USA & European Union

Support Data Subprocessors

These Data Subprocessors may be utilized to support customers who may elect to share personal data with Xano support personnel.


Mixpanel, Inc.

  • Entity Type: Product Usage Logging
  • Service Location: USA

Intercom R&D Unlimited Company

  • Entity Type: Support Ticket Management & Chat
  • Service Location: USA, Inc.

  • Entity Type: Work Management
  • Service Location: USA, Inc.

  • Entity Type: Data Routing
  • Service Location: USA

Baremetrics, Inc.

  • Entity Type: Data Analytics
  • Service Location: USA

Nolt Software Inc.

  • Entity Type: Customer Feedback
  • Service Location: Canada

Peaberry Software Inc. d/b/a

  • Entity Type: Automated Messaging
  • Service Location: USA

Slack Technologies, LLC

  • Entity Type: Business Communication
  • Service Location: USA

Calendly, LLC

  • Entity Type: Schedule Meetings
  • Service Location: USA

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. ("Zoom")

  • Entity Type: Video Communications
  • Service Location: USA

FullStory, Inc.

  • Entity Type: Behavioral Analytics
  • Service Location: USA